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11/11 at 11:11am will herald in our new existence in the 5th dimension. Thanks to technology allowing us to move very quickly on things, we are exiting the old 3rd dimension. In Numerology, we are in a 9 year... meaning endings, deaths, conclusions making way for rebirth and growth in the new year...which will be a 1 year in Numerology.  This moment in time is a gateway with which to set your good intentions for yourself and those you love. This work has been in motion for about a year and a half and now is the time to leash your power within!

Join our very own Melinda for a spiritual experience of meditation and anchoring in positive intentions for manifesting:

  • Your own goals and dreams
  • Being surrounded by supportive, loving and kind friends, family and community
  • Family dynamics and future
  • Work goals, promotions and happy workplace
  • Community and government leaders being Divinely guided
  • Meet your ideal partner
  • Harmony for planet Earth
  • Unconditional love for self and others
  • and more...what would YOU like to bring into your life, or expand your body/being into?

Come to Parastudy on Friday 11/11/2016 from 10am-noon.  Be here at 10am to prepare and ready to get into a meditation led by Melinda by 10:30am so you will be in a receptive Theta brain wave state to make the most of the energies at 11:11am. 

Consider packing a lunch or bringing a dish to share for when it's over.

Pre-pay to reserve your space. 

$20 per person. 

Event is being held

Friday, November 11, 2016

from 10am to noon. 


354 Valleybrook Road

Chester Heights, PA 19017

Parastudy is located off of Baltimore Pike (route 1) between Chadds Ford and Media. Parastudy will be on your left if you are coming from route 1. If you get to a traffic light, you have gone about 2/10 of a mile too far.

11:11   Celebration

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