Emotional Clearing with Anita
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Emotional Clearing with Anita

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Emotional Clearing is a workshop that teaches about the relationship of the body, mind, spirit and psyche. In this workshop we explore muscular character and body armor and how it relates to emotions and behaviors. Muscular armor blocks the natural flow of feelings/emotions in the body. Hidden anger holds back happiness and sadness. Reichian orgone energy breathing along with bioenergetic movement can be used to deepen and open to a greater self-awareness thus clearing stored emotions which then can enhance more alivements, presence and pleasure. Anxiety, anger and depression are lifted and a sense of overall freedom and relaxation are restored within the body’s nervous system.

Instructor:  Anita M. DeFrancesco,  Visionary Leader/Psychotherapist/Author/Speaker/Yoga Master and Workshop Leader/Consultant; has founded Kinepathics and Tantra Wisdom  and is the author of “Live Free” Re-Create and Liberate Your Life.   Anita has dedicated her life’s focus and vision on the evolution of spirituality, relationships, sexuality and emotions teaching others to awaken from separation and suffering and to embrace the modern world with oneness and love.   She has a history of profound experiences that she calls “awakenings”.   She leads workshops on both the east and west coast.

Friday, November 18, 2016

7pm-8:30pm, doors open at 6:30pm

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Walk ins are welcome!

This class is open to all men and women. Dress in loose-fitting clothing and bring a towel, snack and a bottle of water.