Sunday, November 11, 2018

from 1pm-4pm

doors open at 12:30pm

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Arcturian Reiki Certification
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Arcturian Reiki Certification Class

Arcturian Reiki is a new and novel form of reiki which utilizes the high vibrational Arcturian healing frequencies.

The Arcturians are multidimensional, galactic beings who are on a divine mission to aid the earth with her ascension into 5D reality. They work very closely with the Creator energy and the Ascended Masters, and their healing frequencies are available to all who call on these energies with their intentions.

Within Arcturian Reiki, the energies are experienced as Dragons; specifically, the Dragons of the Four Elements:  Water, Earth, Fire and Air. 

+ Work with the Arcturian Reiki Water Dragon to help with healings involving emotional issues such as anxiety, depression or a broken heart.

+ Work with the Arcturian Reiki Earth Dragon to stay centered, grounded and in tune with your Divine Purpose.

+ Work with the Arcturian Reiki Fire Dragon to activate strength and motivation, as well as help in overcoming illnesses quickly.

+ Work with the Arcturian Reiki Air Dragon to bring in new ideas, enhance communication and connect with vision.

After taking this class, you will be fully certified and able to send Arcturian Reiki to others both in person and over distance. You will be able to start practicing right away!

As an Arcturian Reiki Practitioner, you can use Arcturian Reiki to:
     * Start your own reiki practice anywhere
     * Add Arcturian Reiki to your existing services, bundle or combine with your modalities
     * Attract new clients by inviting them to experience this unique type of reiki
     * Expand your spiritual growth and deepen your connection to yourself
     * Learn something fun and share with your family and friends!

Introducing Your Instructor:  Collean O'Brien is an Arcturian Reiki Master and Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner. She originally earned her Master's Degree in Computer Science at Villanova University and worked for several years in the corporate IT field before pursuing a career as a professional, on-camera actress. Through her work with these energy healing modalities, Collean has been able to more fully embrace being herself, rather than having to "act" as someone else, and she now shares her gifts helping others rediscover themselves. 

To learn more, you are invited to visit Collean’s website at

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