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This six week series HAS BEEN CANCELLED check back in the fall to see it re-scheduled

7:00pm-8:30pm....doors open 6:30pm

​Class #1
In class #1 we start with go-getter Aries and it's companion, friendly Libra.  We'll begin learning how to see the physical attributes, their power spots, etc.

Class #2
Steady Taurus makes it's entrance with quiet, intense Scorpio.  We'll learn about possessions and secrets.

 Class #3
Gemini chats away and is joined by Sagittarius, aiming high.  They have plenty to say.

 Class #4
Feel the warmth of home with Cancer, and let Capricorn take care of things.  Mom and Dad at their best. 

Class #5
Colorful Leo, king/queen of the jungle, leads the way, while Aquarius dances to it's own drum beat. 

Class #6
Virgo carefully prepares and then gives you the facts, and Pisces dreams on.​

Investment:  Parastudy Members $90/ Non-members $100 for the entire six week series.  Your payment is your registration.

You MUST show your CURRENT PARASTUDY membership card in order to receive the "Member Price" for event, this is double checked with our records for online payments.  Being a member of our Meetup group does not mean you are a member of Parastudy.

Astrology for All Class payment for all 6 sessions.
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Astrology for All

Instructor:  ​Ramona Maiolinobegan studying Astrology 58 years ago.  She started with Astronomy and Mythology in early childhood, and Astrology just fell right into those two categories.  She has continued to study all these years with the best in Astrology teachers, as well as teaching at several Astrology Conferences over the years.

​Finally, get to know the signs in great depth and detail.  Each session will cover two signs, delving into all you need to know about them:  their qualities, downfalls, physical attributes, places of dignity, ruling planets.  Think of what you'll glean from knowledge of your friends, and others. through their signs.  I could go on for hours, so come learn it all in this series, and enjoy each morsel of information,  It's totally fascinating.

If you really want to know astrology, you need to be acquainted with all the signs, since they all exist in your chart.  You'll be able to apply this knowledge to all your relationships and all your communications, personal and business.

In this series we'll have lectures and discussions about the signs and we'll apply our newly gained knowledge to our own charts. Each class includes a handout.