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The Study of the Hand

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Have you ever looked at your hands?  I mean REALLY looked at your hands?  Not just the occasional glance when you get a paper cut or your chip your nail, I am talking about all the unique features of your hands.

How does the skin on your palm of your hand feel? Does it feel like silk or does it feel kind of rough, maybe even really course? And no, lotion will not have an overall effect on your hand’s skin type. 
Have you ever compared the lengths of your fingers to one another and are they different lengths from one hand to the other?
What about all those unique fingerprints you have, do you know what they represent?
And of course, let’s not forget those crazy lines you have all over your palm.  What do they mean?

If you have ever wondered about what all your unique had features and what they represent, then Chirology will be for you…..  I can hear you now… Chiro-what?  How is that pronounced and why have I never heard of this before.  Chirology (Ky-rah-lo-gee) or the study of the hand and is associated with an introspective, non-predictive approach that helps you become more aware of deeper aspects of your nature in relationship to your thoughts, emotions, values, and stability in life. Chirology is all about self-awareness and making choices that are the best suited for your current situation. 

Your hands tell a story about you.  Reading your hand will give you insights to bring change, the wisdom to enlighten and empower you.  If you could make a change right now from this gained knowledge, would you be willing to give it a try? What do you have to lose?

Cost: $40 Members / Visitors $45

Terri deBruin, has many talents and loves to share them with her tribe of people. To understand her passion on these topics, you should let her to tell you her story of “Healing Herself”. Her knowledge of topics keeps expanding on a variety of topics and she is fun, energizing, understanding, loving and compassionate in what she does.  Some of her classes are: Crystals and their Meanings, Angels and their Meaning, Chakras and Crystals – How they work together to Heal and Protect You, Oracle Cards – Interpreting Their Meaning, Reiki Level 1 & 2, Smudging your Space,  Meditation: How to Meditate, Grounding your Energy… When those Energy Vampires Suck You Dry…

Beginning April 17, 2018 – third Saturday of each month, Terri will begin to do hand readings at Parastudy on ‘Psychic Fair Day’…

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