This is an introduction to forgiveness meditation.  When we are willing to forgive, these types of meditations can be tools to work on forgiving both others and ourselves.  Participants will briefly discuss the process of forgiveness and then hear samples of several different kinds of forgiveness meditation that are easily accessible on-line. The session will include a demonstration of a several forgiveness meditation sequences by the instructor and an opportunity for a brief silent practice exercise. Participants will receive a list of online and print resources to help them to follow up on these types of meditation if they are interested.

Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 1pm-2:30pm

$15 for Parastudy Members/ $20 for visitors

(Robert will also be the guest speaker for April's Open House on Monday, April 17)

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Forgiveness Meditation

ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR:  Robert Robinson has been a student of metaphysics since the 1970's and a meditator for over 30 years. He has received instruction in Ananda Marga meditation, Transcendental Meditation and Tibetan meditation; and has been practicing a form of Forgiveness Meditation for over a year. Robert's parents were both Parastudy members in the '60s so he grew up with discussions of reincarnation, the spiritual and the paranormal around me. I have education in psychology (BS in Psych) and have human services administration and counseling training as part of graduate school (MS in Human Org Sci). Robert is an experienced instructor and facilitator and has taught workshops on communications and technical skills for his employers.  Currently Robert spends his time as a retired human services worker and manager in the field of Workforce Development, assisting job centers to help job seekers and employers to get people back to work.

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