PART 1 (October 5) and PART 2 (October 12) begins with a look at the What, How, and most importantly, Why of Reincarnation.  Major topics will include Edgar Cayce, Karma, Akashic Record, Oneness, Co-creation, Karmistry and pre-life planning.  The recognition of Karma as an important facet of our current daily lives, including relationships, talents, abilities, health, life circumstances, temperament and attraction Is all part of Karmistry. 

 PART 3 (October 19) looks at Reincarnation.  Examining what happens before birth and what occurs after death:  the Cosmic University concept.  Soulmates, twin souls and soul groups are clarified.  A user friendly guide will be available.  Several soul journeys will be discussed illustrating the interwoven complexity of free will and Karmystery in relationships. 

PART 4 (October 26) by popular request, Atlantis has been added to this course!  The legacy of Atlantis and the implications for our present.  Some video segments will be shown, clearly showing that the Bimini Road was man-made.  Drilling under the Sphinx has led to the discovery of a complex under the structure.  Exporation of the Pedras Negras. 

PART 5 (November 2) poses the question about our own unique past lives.  The first portion of class will feature a reflective questionnaire to help you reflect upon your own interests, tastes and preferences.  The second segment of our class will then focus on a real group past life regression.  This will be conducted by our own Carolyn Gelone.  She is a licensed regressionist who regularly conducts individual and group Past Life Regressions here at Parastudy.  You will not be hypnotized, but rather will be in a very relaxed state where you are fully in contact with your surroundings.  The regression is included in your class fee.

PART 6 (November 9 ) is an eclectic collection of Reincarnation topics that fascinated me as I researched: children who recall past lives and the thousands of documented cases of Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. James Tucker; autopsy photos of bullet entry and exit wounds that correspond to birthmarks on children who remember; matching handwriting and personality analysis that cross over with an individual; a special appendix by Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation and Sexuality.  Good news:  Laurel and Hardy are reincarnated and currently active in the world today.  The final piece of this fascinating evening will be a possible message for you, provided by Melinda Cahill, one of our Parastudy readers.  Her message to you has already been paid for in your class fee.

PART 7 (November 16) a continuation of eclectic Reincarnation topics with a SURPISE GUEST SPEAKER

An informative, interactive, practical and fun look at reincarnation, and how it impacts our life and relationships today.  This 7 part class will examine many different aspects of reincarnation.  The theme that will intertwine throughout is a practical look of a major life-force that hugely influence our lives.

Thursdays in October and November 2017 from 7pm-9pm

doors open 6:30pm

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A Seven Part Series on Reincarnation with Gary

Instructor:  ​Gary Moran-Thomas was a successful classroom teacher of psychology for 34 years at Upper Darby High School.  His informed, relaxed and interactive style lends itself to thoughtful discussions and fun activities.  Gary’s journey into metaphysics began at age 16 when his father died.  His mother was mourning so deeply that his grandmother came to her and told her that Gary’s father had come to her and told her that the intense mourning was keeping him earthbound.  This pronouncement was a beginning of a lifelong pursuit.  Gary inherited her library and her passion to teach and learn about Enlightenment.  Married 40 years and the father of 3 children and  two very special grandchildren.   Gary has returned to teaching at Parastudy.

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