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Parastudy Metaphysical/Spiritual Community

This class/gathering will be a sharing of lightworkers.  Whether the participant is wondering if they are a lightworker or has known so for a while, this group will give them the opportunity to learn, share, and raise their vibration and that of the earth consciousness.  We will discuss various spiritual topics such as law of attraction, meditation, energy healing, and living in the moment.  First and foremost, we will always focus on choosing love over fear, which is an increasingly essential intention in today’s world. 

We will cover a pre-determined topic each session, but most importantly we will give ample time for discussion, sharing our thoughts with the group.  As lightworkers,. We are constantly evolving and it is important to continue learning.  We must never cease being students.

Participation in every session is not necessary, but is certainly welcome.  Newcomers may join us at any time.

Due to a family health situation, the February 12, 2018 will be the last gathering until further notice for this event.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

COST:  $11 per person.  Please bring cash to the event.

FACILITATOR:  Karis Hollenbeck began her serious spiritual journey over fifteen years ago with participation her my first “angel class” at the adult evening session of her local high school.  After many years of wondering what she  “was supposed to be when I grew up”, Karis finally accepted that she was, indeed, a lightworker, here to share her light.  Karis continues to be excited each and every day by the wonders of this journey.  The universe constantly amazes.  As she  continues to evolve, Karis  has learned that what she believes this moment, will surely change soon, and that in itself is quite wonderful!

Lightworker’s Gathering

Attend this gathering to find like-minded souls.  Together, we can raise the consciousness of the earth as we continue on our personal evolving journey.