The intensity in the world seems to be building at an alarming rate, especially over the past several weeks. On a personal level, many of us are struggling with major life shifts. On the political scene in the US, there is a tremendous amount of anxiety, fear, reactivity, frustration and anger on all sides. We are being hit in all directions with massive amounts of information, miss-information, fear mongering, outrage and derision. It is overwhelming - emotionally, physically, and energetically.

How do you move beyond the fear and still remain present to what is happening within and around you?

In our time together, we will explore key self-care, grounding, and energetic protection tools designed to help you manage these and other overwhelming life events from a place of grounded presence, balance and peace rather than reacting from fear and overwhelm. You will also receive a guide with the tools and practices you will be learning.

***** Please note that this is NOT a political class, but rather a class focused on helping you navigate the adversity, trauma, change and upheaval as well as the current political climate from a healthy, grounded place. These tools and practices apply to any challenging life transition or situation, however the current events are the inspiration for offering this class at this time. All are welcome.

If you are expereincing and of these, this class is for you:
* Intense feelings of anxiety, fear and/or anger
* Struggling to focus on other aspects of your life
* Difficulty sleeping, waking frequently to thoughts of these events, or having nightmares
* Arguing with friends and loved ones, destroying relationships
* Labeling, demeaning and dismissing those with conflicting views
* Continual thoughts about political and world events
* Obsessively checking the news and Social Media for new information, waiting for the next bomb to drop
* Reactivity to world events
* Unable to objectively listen to conflicting opinions/views
* Checking out - no longer paying attention to anything that is happening in the world

Explore and experience the sacred power that lies within as you connect with the Sacred Divine Feminine.  Together, we will take a journey into the realm of the Goddess, exploring her many faces and forms.  Through this exploration, you will begin to foster a deeper connection with the Goddess, learning how she expresses herself through and around you. We will then take an inward journey, awakening the Goddess that lives within you and bringing her forward into the light as you fully embody and radiate the energy of the Sacred Feminine. 

Linda's other offerings...

Enjoy an Afternoon with the Angels!

  • Explore the Angelic Realm
  • Learn how the Angels support and guide you
  • Discover how to meet and commune with your Angelic Guides

INSTRUCTOR:  Linda Dieffenbach is a holistic practitioner and coach, and the owner of Wellness in Harmony, located in Phoenixville PA.  Branching from her foundation in Social Work, Linda began exploring different methods of healing and personal growth through the world of energy and holistic healing.  Her studies began with Reiki and have broadened into training in Chakra Clearing, Life and Relationship Coaching, and Acupressure.  Linda is also the founder and hostess of the Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival, and annual event that celebrates the Goddess within each of us and raises much needed funds for victims of Domestic Violence.

Connecting with YOUR Angels:

 Develop a deeper relationship

with your Angelic Guides

Moving Beyond Fear 3/11/17...Chakra Healing 101 on 4/8/17...Moving Beyond Fear 5/4/17....Ancestral Healing Circle 5/13/17 (Must pre-register for Ancestral Healing Circle, if there are not enough registered, class will not be held)

Pre-registration appreciated for all classes.

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Moving Beyond Fear with Linda
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Chakra Healing 101:  Discover how to heal your life through the 7 Chakras

Classes with Linda

You are part of the rich tapestry of life, woven together in the threads of all who have walked before you and all who will follow you.

You carry your ancestors in your body, in your DNA as well as your cellular and energetic memory.

Through them, you received a karmic inheritance. You received many precious gifts that shape the fabric of your life. These gifts need to be acknowledged and honored.

You also carry karmic patterns, wounds and beliefs that were passed on through the generations which create challenges in your life. The amount of the pain and wounding that you carry through your lineage can be mild or, in some cases, debilitating ~ or anywhere on the spectrum between. Because these patterns have been passed down through the generations, the root cause does not lie fully within this lifetime and therefor can be challenging to pinpoint and heal. The patterns continue to emerge through you despite your efforts to shift them within yourselves.

There is an infinite number of ways that these patterns and beliefs may emerge in your family. They show up in overt patterns such as family dysfunction, abuse, codependency, divorce, addiction and other mental health challenges. Subtler manifestations also emerge that can be equally challenging if unresolved. This could include false beliefs and behaviors around sexuality, money, masculinity and femininity, race, safety, family dynamics, relationships and many other aspects of life.

Ancestral Healing creates the opportunity for you to release and heal the karmic inheritance of patterns, wounds and beliefs passed down through your family line.

In this one day event, you will:
• identify, heal and release those patterns and beliefs passed down through your family line and have created challenges for you
• honor your ancestors for the gifts that they have brought you
• create a new legacy to carry forward from this point

Through this experience, you open the door to profound healing, not just for yourself, but also for your ancestors and for generations to come.

Saturday, December 10 from 4pm-5:30pm,

doors open at 3pm

$20  Parastudy Members
/ $30  visitors
Pre-registration required, please pre-pay to register and reserve your space.

Embodying the Divine Feminine

Receive a fully embodied experience of the power of the

Divine Feminine, through which you will begin to recognize and embrace your own Sacred Feminine essence.

Parastudy Metaphysical/Spiritual Community

Ancestral Healing Circle

CANCELLED due to not enough enrollment.  Saturday, May13, 2017 from 1:30pm-5:30pm, doors open at 1pm. 

$77 for Parastudy members/ $97 for visitors.  Pre-registration required.  Please pre-pay to register, a minimum of 6 participants is required to hold this event.  Register early, more the merrier!

In this foundational workshop, you will:

  • Experience your seven Chakras through meditation and exploration
  • Learn how your Chakras influence your life, health and relationships
  • Identify signs and symptoms of imbalance in your Chakras
  • Discover practical tools to help you balance and heal your Chakras

Saturday, April 8th from 2pm-4pm, doors open at 1:30pm

$30  Parastudy Members/ $40  visitors
Pre-registration required, please pre-pay to register and reserve your space.

Moving Beyond Fear: 

Essential Skills for Navigating Change

Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 3:30-5:30pm

another date added by request...

Thursday, May 4, 2017 from 7pm-9pm

doors open at 6:30pm.

$30 Members/$35 for Visitors

Sunday, November 13 from 4pm-5:30pm, doors open at 3pm

$20  Parastudy Members

$30  visitors
Pre-registration required, please pre-pay to register and reserve your space.

Chakra Healing 101 with Linda
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