Reiki Healing is available.

Clear your energy and receive gentle healing "ki", or life force energy, from a Reiki Master.

Cost: $40 for 30 minutes.

First  Monday of EACH month


Free Admission

Upcoming dates:

March 6

April 3

May 1

June 5

August 7

October 2

November 6
December 4

Psychic Fairs

our Library

Intuitive readings with the best psychics in the Delaware Valley Area.

Psychic mediums offer different types of readings using: 

tarot, palmistry, astrology, crystal ball gazing, psychometry, numerology, as well as mediumship to make connections to your deceased loved ones and your spirit guides.

Cost: $40 for 20 minutes.

The Englightenment Shop will be open.  Located on the second floor, our store offers a wide selection of metaphysical items, including jewelry, healing stones & crystals, salt lamps, pendulums, and books.

Speaking of books, the Parastudy library will be open. Browse our collection of metaphysical literature. Books are available for loans to members. Have questions? Author and Parastudy librarian Carolyn Gelone will be happy to assist you.

Third Saturday of EACH month


Free Admission

Upcoming dates:

March 18

April 15

May 20

June 17

July 15

August 19

September 16

October 21

November 18

December 16

Psychic Mondays

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