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Tarot Class payment for 5 class series
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Tarot Class meets Wednesdays starting March 22nd through April 26th

​from 7:00-8:30pm...doors open 6:30pm

Pre-registration is required to

reserve your space. 

Tarot is a fascinating way to “divine” answers, tapping into your inner self. Those of you who wish to continue your study and practice of Tarot will love this afternoon workshop.

Everyone who reads is invited to attend. You'll have the opportunity to read everyone in the group, some of whom are already readers who are working for a living; so opportunities abound to expand your skill and also meet others like you.

Please join us for a fun and learning experience. You won't want to miss it!

Saturday, May 27 from 1pm-3pm,

doors open at 12:30pm

$40 per person for Parastudy Members/ $45 for visitors

( Participants also receive a coupon for 10% off any tarot deck in the Enlightenment Shop)

Tarot Practice Workshop with Ramona

Tarot Workshop Payment
Name of person attending class
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Learn to read Tarot

Tarot is a fascinating way to “divine” answers, tapping into your inner self.  Each card has many ways in which it can be interpreted, and in relation to the adjacent cards. Each placement has a description or meaning attached to it as well.  And so much more. We'll do readings each session with a new layout each time, so we learn “how” to interpret.  Each class will build on the previous one. Since each reader is different, you'll gain confidence knowing you are unique in your interpretations, as is everyone in the class.  We'll partner up and do readings as well.  So come to the class series and find out.  You will also receive a coupon for 10% off a Tarot deck in our Gift Shop.

Investment:  Parastudy Members $90/ Non-members $100 for the entire six week series.  Your payment is your registration.

Class Instructor:  ​Ramona Maiolino began studying Tarot over 4 decades ago. When she realized it contained Astrology she delved  deeper into it and began giving professional  readings 28 years ago.  Living in Manhattan at the time, she worked for many corporate events, including Microsoft Corporation, City University of New York.

Handout with each class.  
Class #1:  Wednesday, March 22nd - We’ll begin by looking at the development of numbers through the cards, and their simple meanings: the Minor Arcana; and the Major Arcana and the “Path” they illuminate for us.  

Class #2:  Wednesday, March 29th - We’ll dive deeper into the numbers, especially the Aces, Twos, and Threes, and also the Pages and Knights. We'll begin partnering for a simple reading.  You'll find it's easier than you think.

Class #3:  Wednesday, April 5th - Now comes the Fours, Fives, and Sixes, Sevens, Eights, Nines, and Tens, Kings and Queens.   Our readings will begin to “feel” good to us as we gain all the numbers' meanings.  We will partner again for a simple reading & understanding types of layouts.

Class #4:  Wednesday, April 12th - We get into the Major Arcana, going deeper onto “The Path.”  Containing 22 cards, this section could take months to go as deep as needed, as it contains Astrology, yet you'll gain immense knowledge.  We'll start with the Fool and continue to the middle of the Path. We will continue our practice of understanding layouts & partner for a simple reading.

There will be no meeting on April 19th.

Class #5   Wednesday, April 26th - This class will finish the Major Arcana to #22 The World or The Universe.  This class will find you covering the entire deck.  We’ll continue our practice of understanding layouts & partner for a simple reading.