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Cleta Prince has been a member of Parastudy for 20 years.  During those years, she has been on the Executive Board as:  Chairman, Treasurer and became a Reiki Master.  For the last nine years she has continued the tradition of the Red-Light Reincarnation Experiment.

Cleta offers the following at Parastudy


  Teachers at Parastudy

Robert Robinson has been a student of metaphysics since the 1970's and a meditator for over 30 years. He received instruction in Ananda Marga meditation, Transcendental Meditation and Tibetan meditation. Robert has been practicing a form of Forgiveness Meditation for over a year. His parents were both Parastudy members in the '60s so he grew up with discussions of reincarnation, the spiritual and the paranormal. Robert's background education in psychology (BS in Psych) and has human services administration and counseling training as part of graduate school (MS in Human Org Sci).  Robert is an experienced instructor and facilitator and has taught workshops on communications and technical skills for employers. He is a retired human services worker and manager in the field of Workforce Development, assisting job centers to help job seekers and employers to get people back to work.

Robert offers the following at Parastudy:

  • Forgiveness Meditation:  Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 1pm-2:30pm


Carolyn Gelone is a former public school teacher, now a counselor, consultant and an author.  She is a former staff member of A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Carolyn researched Cayce’s psychic readings, those findings are presented in her book Teaching for Wholeness published by the A.R.E. Press.  She has spoken nationally for the organization on reincarnation, universal laws, dreams, children and spiritual education, energy in the body and the home.  She is a certified past life regression counselor since 1979.  Carolyn began teaching parapsychology classes in 1980.  Her new book is Psychic Connections published by iUniverse and available there and at Amazon, Google, and Barnes & Noble. 
Carolyn is teaching a Book Talk Series, Past Life Loves--Reincarnation, Colors of the Human Aura and Feng Shui classes this Fall.


Susan Hart, LMT has been a massage therapist, intuitive energy healer/coach, Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem Master, channel and teacher for over 18 years. She utilizes many tools in her practice including:  crystals, sound healing (drums, percussion and more), aromatherapy, and a line of products she created herself (Susan's Serenity Sprays) to support healing sessions and for clients to use at home to help shift energy. Prior to becoming a healer Susan worked as a preschool teacher and nanny, teaching energy classes to the big kids helps her keep connected to her passion of empowering people through knowledge; she tries to make classes fun and informative, conveying information in a way that's easy to understand, assimilate and incorporate.  Currently living in Phoenixville, PA, Susan offers in person bodywork healing sessions, ThetaHealing Technique and distance energy and coaching sessions. 
Susan offers the following at Parastudy:

As a child, Ramona Maiolino was fascinated by the stars. When she was five Ramona started reading and read some Greek and Roman mythology. Big discovery, … the stars had the names from mythology, helping her learn some Astronomy. Those two things led her to Astrology. At twelve, Ramona read a horoscope in the newspaper and was fascinated by how these went together. She has been studying it ever since, with many great teachers, as well as teaching at astrology conferences.  Around twenty-one, Ramona found Palmistry, which has Astrology in it. Again, another discovery. Soon, while studying these, she found Hand Writing Analysis, which is an amazing science, often used as a way to detect forgery, yet there's so much more to it. Moving to New York City at forty-one brought new opportunities. Ramona began studying with an Hawaiian shaman who insisted she read her cards. Ramona said "I don't know how to read cards" but she insisted and Ramona has been reading ever since.  Ramona has studied the subject deeply and is now  teaching the Tarot class at Parastudy.   Ramona's Maternal Grandmother and two maternal Great Aunts were card readers. Next at forty-two Tai Chi Chuan came into her life and transformed her so that now (at seventy-one) she is in better shape and has better health than when she started.  Ramona has been teaching Tai Chi and QiGong for 21 years, practicing for 29. While studying Tai Chi, she was also studying Homeopathy.  Ramona was certified in both in 1995. Then she studied Hypnosis.  As a Certified Hypnotherapist since 2001, she  has given many sessions, group and private, on Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Scholastic and Athletic Achievement, Past Life Regression, and much more. Please come join Ramona in the classes we offer to you here at Parastudy.  She delights in teaching others and sharing  the WEALTH of information she knows!

Ramona offers the following at Parastudy:

  • Tarot Class 5 part series starting Tuesday, March 8 thru April 12 from 7:00pm-8:30pm
  • Tai Chi: weekly starting Tuesday, November 29 at 7pm-8pm
  • Astrology Class
  • Readings at our Psychic Fairs

Linda Dieffenbach is a holistic practitioner and coach, and the owner of Wellness in Harmony, located in Phoenixville PA.  Branching from her foundation in Social Work, Linda began exploring different methods of healing and personal growth through the world of energy and holistic healing.  Her studies began with Reiki and have broadened into training in Chakra Clearing, Life and Relationship Coaching, and Acupressure.  Linda is also the founder and hostess of the Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival, and annual event that celebrates the Goddess within each of us and raises much needed funds for victims of Domestic Violence.

Linda offers the following at Parastudy:

Bernadette DePoulter is a survivor. At the age of sixteen she was involved in a major car accident, where she received her last rights. Having had this brush with death she became spiritually awakened. Bernadette is in recovery and is not ashamed to admit it. She is a host of her own recovery podcast with the intent on saving lives. When essential oils came into her life she believed she found her purpose. She educates on the healing powers of essential oils and how to use them in collation with her connection of the unknown. Bernadette continues to further enhance her studies of the paranormal. She truly believes she is alive to spread joy, love and hope to anyone she meets. 

Bernadette offers the Gifts of the Earth classes held on Tuesdays at 7pm with Denise.  See calendar for dates.

Melinda Cahill has been doing readings for over 25 years. She is an intuitive reader and clear channel using many tools for divination such as Tarot, crystal ball gazing, Tea leaves, palms, stones and more.  Specializing in phone readings, she has clients throughout the United States and the UK.  Throughout the PA tri-state area Melinda holds workshops, classes, and leads guided meditations.  Describing herself as extremely down to earth and loving, Melinda sits before you as an interpreter of the language of the Universe.  Reading in different wellness centers, restaurants and even art galleries, she honors the work she does and she is in a state of gratitude for each soul she gets to speak with.  Currently living in Pennsylvania transforming her life from that of a single mother of four and one spoiled cat, to the mother of adults and college students approaching an empty nest!
Melinda offers the following at Parastudy:


Denise Orlando has been teaching essential oil classes for over two years. She constantly studies and attends workshops to further her knowledge on these amazing gifts of the earth. Having worked in health care most of her life, she sees the strain modern medicine can put on an individual.  She is extremely passionate on introducing people to these gifts and how to effectively incorporate them in their lives. Denise is a great mentor to many, some would call her a life coach. She is spiritually and emotionally connected with her life purpose, changing lives.

Denise offers the Gifts of the Earth classes held on Tuesdays at 7pm with Bernadette.  See calendar for dates.






​Gary Moran-Thomas was a successful classroom teacher of psychology for 34 years at Upper Darby High School.  His informed, relaxed and interactive style lends itself to thoughtful discussions and fun activities.  Gary’s journey into metaphysics began at age 16 when his father died.  His mother was mourning so deeply that his grandmother came to her and told her that Gary’s father had come to her and told her that the intense mourning was keeping him earthbound.  This pronouncement was a beginning of a lifelong pursuit.  Gary inherited her library and her passion to teach and learn about Enlightenment.  Married 40 years and the father of 3 children and one very special grandchild, Gary has returned to teaching at Parastudy.

Gary is offering the following at Parastudy:

  • Hello Again:   A (6) Part Series about Reincarnation ~ Thursdays in October/November from 7-9pm



VICKI CAHILL has completed 2 separate 200 hour Teacher training programs and has taught yoga in a variety of different venues: Yoga studios, Drug and Alcohol rehab facilities, and most recently in a prison. Vicki  has a firm conviction that yoga can be helpful with building awareness, as well as contributing to good health.

VIcki offers the following at Parastudy:

  • Loving Kindness Yoga ~ Sundays, from 2pm-3:15pm (check the calendar for which Sundays...typically the 2nd and 4th)





Kari Andreasen is a yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance.  She completed her 200 hour training at Enso Yoga in Media, PA.  Kari completed 40 hour nidra teacher training at the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA.  Certified Reiki II practitioner, Kari completed her energy training at the NJ Center, Life In Balance in Medford, NJ. 

Kari is offering the following at Parastudy:

  • Yoga Chakra Series:  A (7) Part Yoga series working on opening and aligning the chakras ~ Fridays at 7pm-8:15pm Starting on September 9th

Amy Kilgore is a Tarot Card Consultant and has been doing professional Tarot Card Readings for over 20 years.  A lover of the law of attraction, she specializes in using the Tarot not only for predicting your future but using the Tarot as a tool to create your reality and manifest your dreams and goals.  Amy’s readings include a workbook for you to make notes and reflect upon your reading.  This helps continue to guide you on your path long after your reading is done.  Amy is a certified Walk15 instructor and believes in using walking and music to raise your vibrations and help heal your body, mind and soul.  Amy has a passion for tarot, the law of attraction, walking and music.  Her purpose is finding ways to tie all those things together as a holistic approach to help you become the best and happiest version of yourself.

Amy offers Good Vibes and Exercise Classes held on Sundays and Thursdays.  See the calendar for specific dates/times.

Karis Hollenbeck began her serious spiritual journey over fifteen years ago with participation her my first “angel class” at the adult evening session of her local high school.  After many years of wondering what she  “was supposed to be when I grew up”, Karis finally accepted that she was, indeed, a lightworker, here to share her light.  Karis continues to be excited each and every day by the wonders of this journey.  The universe constantly amazes.  As she  continues to evolve, Karis  has learned that what she believes this moment, will surely change soon, and that in itself is quite wonderful!

Karis offers the following at Parastudy:

Peg O'Connell has been practicing Qi Gong for ten years, and Buddhist meditation for three years.   Peg has wrestled with depression and anxiety all her life, and found that the Plug Into Peace meditation not only gave her dramatic relief from those states, but improved her interactions with other people.  She believes that depression and anxiety are not purely mental issues, but holistic, and approaching them from a perspective of energy or spirituality, as well as nutritionally provides profound relief.

Peg offers the following at Parastudy: