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Parastudy Metaphysical/Spiritual Community

Angel Card/Oracle Monthly  Study Group

With Deborah Finley & Terri deBruin

Cost:  Suggested $10 Donation ( All monies support Parastudy's operation cost...)

Workshop is open to all levels from beginners to advance readers.   So come on out and have a wonderful time with the group.  All are Welcome!

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Deborah Finley, is an Evidential Medium, Certified Angel Card Reader, and Mentor. She is a working Psychic Medium with over 25 years of experience.  Currently Deborah is Director of Education and owner of Dynamic Continuing Education, LLC.  Deborah offers continued education courses in Energy Healing Modalities, and various Certifying courses in Mediumistic, Psychic and Spiritual Development.  She also heads a Spiritual Development Circle where she mentors’ individuals who are dedicated and seriously want to develop their Psychic, Mediumship, & Spiritual Healing abilities in a supportive safe and non-judgmental environment with an experienced teacher.   Deborah can be heard frequently on WDEL 101.7FM Saturday Mornings Hot Spot with Frank Gregory throughout the year.  Her background and credentialing in her field is extensive. Visit for more information on Deborah’s background and Credentialing.

Second Wednesday of the Month

From 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm

**Sept 11,  **Oct 9, & **Nov 13, 2019


The purpose of this group is to have a good time gathering with like-minded individuals in a supportive nonjudgmental learning environment.  Our goal is to help individuals experience hands on practice needed to ultimately gain knowledge.  As Instructors we will provide suggestions, and honest constructive feedback that is designed to help further one’s development as an ethical professional reader.  The goal being having individuals feel comfortable reading and working with the Angel Card Oracle and other Oracle Cards.  Each study session is tailored to the individual’s ability and is designed to help further enhance their abilities by providing ways to intuitively interpret the information received.

Participants are asked to bring an open mind, and their own deck(s) of oracle cards to work with.   Also, we strongly suggest you bring a note book to write any homework assignments given and of course to journal any guidance you receive intuitively.  Handouts may also be given.

Bring you favorite Angel/Oracle Card Deck so you can learn to work with  them while developing your Intuitive skills and confidence in the reading for others.   Why not bring a couple of decks you practice your readings with?