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Terri deBruin, has many talents and loves to share them with her tribe of people. To understand her passion on these topics, you should let her to tell you her story of “Healing Herself”. Her knowledge of topics keeps expanding on a variety of topics and she is fun, energizing, understanding, loving and compassionate in what she does.  Some of her classes are: Crystals and their Meanings, Angels and their Meaning, Chakras and Crystals – How they work together to Heal and Protect You, Oracle Cards – Interpreting Their Meaning, Reiki Level 1 & 2, Smudging your Space,  Meditation: How to Meditate, Grounding your Energy… When those Energy Vampires Suck You Dry…

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Angels all around us as they act as massagers between Heaven and Earth; serving as a channel between God and the physical world.  Angels are deathless beings of pure consciousness, unlimited by the constrictions of time and space.  Each “Angel” is a focus of God’s love, channeling it without distortion.  When we are in despair we invite “Angels” into our lives for comfort.  They are there for our protection, to warn us when something is going to happen, and assist us in know how to handle problem with dignity.  Have you noticed anything unusual happening to you such as why were you delayed in leaving the house, running late for work, or an appointment?  That was your “Angel”, your protector, and guardian who delayed you.  They work in mysteries ways to slow you down.

In this series of workshops we are going to learn all about Angels and their responsibilities to others.  We are going to learn about who Archangels are and how to call upon the in time of need.  How they help us in our everyday life, signs they use to get our attention, and how to show gratitude for their assistance in helping us out.  

Cost:  $40.00 Members / Visitors $45.00 (per class)
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Start of this series has been pushed back one week due to illness
~ April 13 – Introduction to Angels - Angels and Their Meanings
~ April 20 – Groups of Angels – Their rolls in Healing You and Protecting You
~ April 27 – How to Invoke and Request Their Assistance
~ May 4  – Using Crystals and Essential Oils to Attract Angelic Assistance