Astrology Basics and Your

Birth Chart Study Group

With Rachael Armstrong

Cost:  $15 Members / $20 Visitors, per class
Handouts will be given with each class… the only requirement for the class is an open mind and curious mind.  (Pen and paper is also a good thing to have,
also your birth time if you know it!)

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The intention of the class is to help people interested in “Astrology” gain knowledge and understanding of the 12 signs and houses.  In this course we will look at the language of the sky to deepen our relationship with “Astrology”.  Not to be confused as a predictive tool, astrology teaches you where your natural talents may lie and where your difficulties are in your life.  This is a great course for anyone curious on how astrology works or anyone who feels intuitive in other areas that would like to add a different element.

This will be a 5-part series and you can choose which classes to attend.  In this self-pace course, we will glaze into the sky to learn the principles and fundamentals of “Astrology”.  The core concepts you will gain in this course:   

October 4th – Elements and Modalities
October 11th – The Zodiac Signs and their Essences
October 18th – The Houses and House Cups
October 25th – The Outer Planets
November 1st – The Birth Chart & putting it all together

Astrology Basics Study Group Series
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Rachael Armstrong, is a Garnet Valley Graduate, former YMCA Camp counselor, and an eccentric blogger with an infectious passion for astrology. She started to have an interest in astrology at a young age when she found her mother’s books on astrology, dreams and palmistry. She taught herself from various online resources and all the books the library had on the subject. She started giving her friends and family chart readings in 2013 and has been an expert in the topic ever since. Her teaching skills, knowledge and cosmic expertise will provide a nurturing, relaxing environment to learn all about what the universe has to offer you! Rachael is an aspiring certified card reader and astrologer with many other dreams for the future. She hopes she can heal others by helping them learn more about themselves through astrology and birth charts.

Friday’s October 4 to November 1, 2019

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


354 Valleybrook Rd., Chester Height/Glen Mills PA