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Root Chakra Class:   Tuesday, October 3 at 7pm-8:30pm

Sacral Chakra Class:   Tuesday, October 17 at 7pm-8:30pm

Solar Plexus Chakra Class: Tuesday, November 7 at 7pm-8:30pm

Heart Chakra Class:  Tuesday, November 28 at 7pm-8:30pm

Throat Chakra Class:  Tuesday, December 5 at 7pm-8:30pm

Third Eye Chakra Class:  Tues, January 9, 2018 at 7pm-8:30pm

Crown Chakra Class:  Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 7pm-8:30pm

Chakra "Toolkit" Series

Presented by Bernadette and Denise

Balancing your Chakras using

Essential Oils and Crystals

About your presenters: 
Denise Orlando has been teaching essential oil classes for over two years. She constantly studies and attends workshops to further her knowledge on these amazing gifts of the earth. Having worked in health care most of her life, she sees the strain modern medicine can put on an individual.  She is extremely passionate on introducing people to these gifts and how to effectively incorporate them in their lives. Denise is a great mentor to many, some would call her a life coach. She is spiritually and emotionally connected with her life purpose, changing lives.

Bernadette DePoulter is a survivor. At the age of sixteen she was involved in a major car accident, where she received her last rights. Having had this brush with death she became spiritually awakened. Bernadette is in recovery and is not ashamed to admit it. She is a host of her own recovery podcast with the intent on saving lives. When essential oils came into her life she believed she found her purpose. She educates on the healing powers of essential oils and how to use them in collation with her connection of the unknown. Bernadette continues to further enhance her studies of the paranormal. She truly believes she is alive to spread joy, love and hope to anyone she meets.

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Each class will focus on a different Chakra. It is recommended that you attend every class for maximum benefit, but it is not required. We will discuss the essential oils and crystals to help balance overactive or underactive Chakras. Followed by a meditation to align the Chakra we are discussing.

Each class you will receive a 10ml Roller (valued at $15-$22 each) with the essential oils and crystals inside for that chakra.  Attend all 7 classes and you will have a full chakra treatment set.