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Chakras are energy centers that affect our physical and spiritual bodies, but most tend to ignore our energy centers. There are benefits when these energy centers are opened and balanced. Each class will explore a different chakra within our physical body so we may have a better understanding of our energy centers so we can live a fuller life.

Class participants will learn:

  • The definition of a chakra and brief history of chakras.
  • The effects of an opened, blocked, and unbalanced chakra on the body.
  • The function of each chakra.
  • How to open and balance each chakra.

Series of seven classes
(can be taken individually or as a complete series)

October 5, 12, 19, 26, &
November 2, 16, 30

from 7pm to 9pm

doors open at 6:30pm

About your instructor:  When John Kennedy was teenager he started his spiritual journey to find a higher purpose in life with the support of his grandparents, but his grandmother was the biggest support. During his  journey John felt more connected with energy fields and started to read a lot of books, which led him to reiki and chakras. As a result, John became a reiki 2 practitioner and for almost a year he has been working with energy. Through energy work John has dealt with unbalanced, blocked, and opened chakras. Through reiki teachers, as well as, chakra books he learned different methods to help balance, unblock, and open closed chakras on himself, as well as, others. Since discovering energy work, it gave John a mission to help  people feel the benefits of opened and healed chakras to improve their lives.

Introduction of Chakras

The Exploration and Understanding of our Energy Systems

Cost: $35 for members / $40 for nonmembers (each class)
$235 for members / $270 for nonmembers (for all 7 classes...includes literature and a pendulum)

Parastudy Members will be asked to show their membership card, and be charged the price difference if they are not a current member of Parastudy. 

Intro to Chakras with John
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