Parastudy Metaphysical/Spiritual Community

Our DonationWish List...

Parastudy is turning over a new leaf and expanding into new areas of becoming a Healing Center.  Any donations or volunteers to work would be very much appreciated.  You can also designate what your donations go toward. 


  • Decorating, painting, and repair work inside the house.

  • Painting the outside of the house.  (color will stay the same)

  • Faerie trail clean-up and design.  Plants and flowers are need to create an enriching and attractive display. 

  • Grounds maintenance (needs gravel in the parking lot)

  • Repairing the barn & painting it.

There is no limit to ideas and here at Parastudy, we welcome your input and comments.


Parastudy has always kept fees for membership, as well as for all activities as low as possible, because we are a SERVICE organization.  It has been our belief that as the needs arise, those of you who are able to offer support (either physical or monetary) will come forward and offer help.  In the 55 years of our incorporation, this has held true.

Our lovely old building is about 150 years of age.   With age comes repairs needs such as roof repairs, outside painting of the house and barn, the chimney needs re-pointing--- and the list goes on. 

Our goal of $20,000 will help with the most urgent repairs, some of which must be done before winter.  It is estimated that complete repairs and upgrades will cost about $75,000.

Volunteers are donating time and supplies to do as much of the work as possible to keep cost low.

An area for cash donations has been set up on the website or by mail.  Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated.  However, if you would care to donate by check, or a get a receipt for your tax donation purposes, we will mail you a receipt for your generous donation.

We need donations to help with the many projects, this can be your time in volunteering; and monetary donations that can be done through this website.

Material and goods such as paint, plants and flower beds, furniture, cookies and cakes, coffee and soda and just about anything to help keep the operating costs down.

Home or garden maintenance equipment, both manual and power, especially riding lawnmower, bobcat and any other powered equipment in good working order.

As we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we can provide you with a letter for your donations.

If you see a need or have an idea for Parastudy, please feel free to contact us here.

Thank you for your support!


There are many volunteer opportunities available at Parastudy. 

  1. ​We are always looking for Greeters and setup/wrap-up help for our many workshops and lectures.

  2. We can always use help with grounds keeping!
    A) Help us plant, as our grounds lack a gardener’s touch.
    B) Help with the Fairy Trail, as the winter always takes its toll on the trail.

  3. If you have trade skills: painting, plumbing, construction of any kind, these are always welcome!

  4. We could really use a Photographer, to help us capture our events and so we can post professional images.

  5. As you might notice, we are closed many days after a snow and many times when it rains.  The reason we close is because the parking lot is grass covered dirt, which floods and gets very muddy.  We are looking for help to cover the parking lot with gravel or something else to keep it usable.  We need someone who has the equipment or the know-how.

Contact and Find Parastudy

Phone: 610-459-2779



354 Valleybrook Rd

 P. O. Box 201

 Chester Heights, PA 19017-0201

Contact Parastudy using this form:

Directions To Parastudy

Please click here for a PDF of directions to get to Parastudy from common spots in the area. Or use the map below to enter your location for specific step by step instructions for you.

We are located next to Wilson's Auction and there is a small sign and two lion statues at the end of our driveway.  Please pull around and park in our large lot behind the building, use the entrance at the rear of the building.  Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events.   

Support Parastudy with EVERY purchase.