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Good Vibes and Exercise

 About your instructor:  Amy Kilgore is a Tarot Card Consultant and has been doing professional Tarot Card Readings for over 20 years.  A lover of the law of attraction, she specializes in using the Tarot not only for predicting your future but using the Tarot as a tool to create your reality and manifest your dreams and goals.  Amy’s readings include a workbook for you to make notes and reflect upon your reading.  This helps continue to guide you on your path long after your reading is done.  Amy is a certified Walk15 instructor and believes in using walking and music to raise your vibrations and help heal your body, mind and soul.  Amy has a passion for tarot, the law of attraction, walking and music.  Her purpose is finding ways to tie all those things together as a holistic approach to help you become the best and happiest version of yourself.

Join Amy for this gentle fitness walk that is fun and healing for the body, mind and soul.   This is a fun walk that will leave you feeling lighter and happier!

Begins Thursday, September 7th...

Please check our home page, the Calendar page or pick up a paper calendar at the Parastudy mansion. 

Cost:  $10 for members

               $15 for visitors

We use gentle movements and an upbeat “good vibes” playlist. It is an easy to follow walk for anybody. Walking is the best exercise for your body, mind and spirit. Walking is a great way to raise your vibrations and energy. A walk releases all the feel  good endorphins.

This class is appropriate for ANY level of fitness!