Sensing and Grounding Your Energy:

Techniques to Help Remain

Calm and Centered

Sunday October 14, 2018

from 1 to 3 pm (doors open at 12:30pm)

In today’s go-go-go culture, we are bombarded by a multitude of different stimuli and energies.  Everyone, especially empathic and highly sensitive people, can be easily impacted by these energies- both our own and of those around us.  It can be difficult not to be overstimulated, overwhelmed and, at times, to even determine what is our own or not.   Learning how to sense, balance and ground your own energy can help in everyday life and interactions with others.

We will start with an overview of Empath and HSP- what they are and traits associated with them.  Then, we will discuss ways to sense and feel your own energy.  We will review popular grounding and centering techniques from a variety of different methodologies.  Each technique will be demonstrated and participants will have the opportunity to practice each during the class.  Additional techniques for calming and stress relief will be presented as time permits.

 Bring a journal or note pad and pen to collect thoughts or points you may wish to remember.  An outline handout of the techniques will be provided.

$20 Parastudy Members /  $25 non-members.

As a courtesy to all, please arrive and be prepared to start on time.

About your instructor: Susan G has been studying metaphysical techniques for over a decade.  She is a Reiki II practitioner studying under multiple Reiki Masters and attending weekend retreats.  She has completed courses in a wide variety range of topics including shamanistic practices, Theta Healing®, crystals, meditation, and more. She also enjoys being physically active and has completed several triathlons.

Grounding: Techniques to Help Remain Calm & Centered
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