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Prerequisites: None.

Description: This course to supports two groups of individuals. It is perfect for individuals who do not have any IET training but who love angels and who would like to meet and work with the nine special angels of healing (Angels Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, & Michael). It is also ideal for IET students who want to learn to call upon the Healing Angels and add a special spiritual dimension to their healing sessions. Individuals will learn about the special healing gift that each angel brings and a special prayer of invitation to call upon the angel. Everyone from an angel novice to expert can benefit from this workshop.

Workshop Methodology: This workshop is based on a powerful four-step process that enables you to energetically connect with the Healing Angels and develop your personal relationship with each of them. In this workshop you will be led through this four-step process to systematically focus on each of the Healing Angels. The group energy created will enable you to connect much more powerfully with the Healing Angels than you can do alone. Even "psychic turnips" (those individuals who cannot feel, see, taste, smell, or sense energy in any way) often have powerful energetic awareness experiencing the Healing Angels in this workshop.

Length: This workshop is designed to be experienced in one day (approximately 4 hours).  For your convenience we have expanded the workshop over the course two evenings.

Class Materials: You will receive a fully illustrated Healing Angels of The Energy Field Workbook and an official Healing Angels of the Energy Field Certificate.  6:45 – 7:00 PM  Registration and Welcome

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Deborah Finley, is an Evidential Medium, and Mentor. Currently Deborah is Director of Education and owner of Dynamic Continuing Education, LLC Deborah offers continued education courses in Energy Healing Modalities, and various Certifying courses in Mediumistic, Psychic and Spiritual Development.  She also heads a Spiritual Development Circle where she mentors’ individuals who are dedicated and seriously want to develop their Psychic, Mediumship, & Spiritual Healing abilities in a supportive safe and non-judgmental environment with an experienced teacher.   Deborah can be heard frequently on WDEL 101.7FM Saturday Mornings Hot Spot with Frank Gregory throughout the year.  Her background and credentialing in her field is extensive.  She provided Intuitive Medium and Card Readings for many years before taking a sabbatical from the Metaphysical World to become a Reiki Master/Teacher, and then a licensed Massage Therapist. Deborah Created a Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Program and opened a Pennsylvania State Licensed School in 2003 where she taught until selling the school to a graduate in October of 2013.  She was Nationally Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork from 2001 to 2019, and she is still a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist.  Visit for more information on Deborah’s background and Credentialing.


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When: Tuesday April 9th & Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

Where: Parastudy, 354 Valleybrook Rd, Chester Heights/Glen Mills, PA 19017

Time: 6:45 PM to 9:00PM

Tuition:     Members of Parastudy $ 100 / $105 for Non-Members                            Register:

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