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PART 1 (March 15)


PART 2 (March 22)  

We begin our course with a look at the What, How, and most importantly, Why of Reincarnation.  Major topics will include Edgar Cayce, Karma, the Akasha, Oneness, Co-creation, Karmistry, and Pre-life Planning.  The recognition of Karma as an important facet of our current everyday lives is stressed.  Our relationships, talents, abilities, health, life circumstances, temperament, and attraction are all factors of Karma.

 PART 3  Relationships and Reincarnation (March 29)

A video presentation by John Van Auken, whom I consider to the the absolute best on the topic of Reincarnation.  He examines spirit life before birth, after death, and between lives.  The Cosmic University, soulmates, twin souls, and group souls are all clarified.  Several examples of soul journeys are discussed, illustrating the interwoven complexity of free will and Karmistry.  John’s extensive knowledge, clear examples and sense of humor make this a memorable experience.

PART 4 The Legacy of Atlantis (April 5)  

The legacy of Atlantis is examined with the far-reaching implications for today.  The most recent evidence is updated at the annual conference sponsored by the Association for Research and Enlightenment.  Video evidence shows that the Bimini Road is clearly man-made.  Drilling under the Sphinx has shown conclusively that there are open spaces that are yet unexplored.  The jungles of Guatemala at Pedras Negras are revealing intriguing leads.

PART 5  Past Life Regression (April 12)  The focus of this segment is on our own unique personal past life experiences.  Does our personality transfer between lives?  Research in handwriting, physical appearance and personality shows some amazing similarities that seem to transfer.  A thoughtful survey that raises questions about personal tastes, interests and preferences will be administered.  The final portion of the evening will be an actual group past life regression led by Caroline Gelone.  She is a licensed regressionist who does individual and group regression at Parastudy.  (The regression is already included in your class fee.)

PART 6 Animal Souls (April 19...NEW FOR 2018)   Do animals have soul?  What happens when they die?  If you are an animal lover, you probably know the answer.  Animal communicators help provide the fascinating answers to the question of what happens to our fuzzy friends in spirit.             (If you choose, you may join Kim Sheridan online, author of Animals and the Afterlife, in her research and become part of her 2nd book by sharing your unique story about an animal that has passed over.

PART 7 Jesus (April 26)  New for 2018

Did Jesus reincarnate?  This question will be discussed.  His most noted reincarnation will also be examined.  From age 13 to age 30 there is no mention of Jesus in the Bible.  Where did he go and what did he do?  We will investigate the mystery of Saint Issa:  was he Jesus?

PART 8  Channeling Information (May 3)

Can Reincarnation be researched?  Surprisingly, yes!  Thousands of cases have been collected by the University of Virginia under the direction of Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. James Tucker.  This groundbreaking research led to the book, Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.  The second portion of class moves from research to reality as Parastudy’s Melinda Cahill channels information from your past to your present.  This segment has a tendency to run long and the information is intriguing.  (Already included in your class fee.)

PART 9  Children's Past Lives (May 10)  New for 2018

Can children recall past lives?  The experience of a Media, PA woman, Carol Bowman, can answer that question.  She responded to her own child’s Civil War recollections.  Her experiences were recorded in her book, Children’s Past Lives, which was features on national TV on Oprah, Katie Couric, PrimeTime, Good Morning America, Unsolved Mysteries, A&E, PBS, Discovery Network, and numerous radio shows.  The book has been translated into 22 languages.             In 2017, she shared her story at a local venue; but the first time she spoke in public on this topic was here at Parastudy a number of years ago.

PART 10  Mystical Questions (May 17) New in 2018

Can past life trauma affect your health and happiness?  Dr. Brian Weiss inadvertently discovered the power of Regressive Therapy to erase trauma and transform mind, body and relationships.           Finishing up our course is a mystical evening with Russ and Cleta, well-known and respected spirit counselors who help souls reach the light.  They also have developed a far-reaching knowledge of the metaphysical world “not found in any books.”  (This fascinating evening is already included in your class fee.)

Hello Again--10 Part Reincarnation Class with Gary Moran-Thomas
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An informative, interactive, practical and fun look at reincarnation, and how it impacts our life and relationships today.  This 10 part class will examine many different aspects of reincarnation.  The theme that will intertwine throughout is a practical look of a major life-force that hugely influence our lives.

Thursdays in March, April and May 2018 from 7pm-9pm

doors open 6:30pm

Bring a 3 ring will get an inch thick worth of handouts.

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A TEN Part Series on Reincarnation with Gary

Sign up (and prepay)for the entire series and save $20, or just take the classes that interest you for $20/$25 each. 

Since this class is now more than twice the original length…those who have taken this series in the past, can RETAKE the entire 10 part updated series for HALF PRICE.

Instructor:  ​Gary Moran-Thomas was a successful classroom teacher of psychology for 34 years at Upper Darby High School.  His informed, relaxed and interactive style lends itself to thoughtful discussions and fun activities.  Gary’s journey into metaphysics began at age 16 when his father died.  His mother was mourning so deeply that his grandmother came to her and told her that Gary’s father had come to her and told her that the intense mourning was keeping him earthbound.  This pronouncement was a beginning of a lifelong pursuit.  Gary inherited her library and her passion to teach and learn about Enlightenment.  Married 40 years and the father of 3 children and  two very special grandchildren.   Gary has returned to teaching at Parastudy.