Hello from Heaven

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with Deborah Finley, Evidential Medium


Tuesday, Sept 10, 2019

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

With an arrival time at 6:30 pm



Event is being held indoors for this Gala Style Fundraiser to benefit Parastudy, all monies raised will be for their benefit.

Come, bring your friends and family and Join in this wonderful under the stars BonFire Gala Style Fundraiser to benefit Parastudy, all monies raised will be for their benefit. *** (Weather permitting) In the event of strong winds or if it rains the event will take place indoors.

Fundraiser Event Hello from Heaven with Deborah Finley who is frequently heard on WDEL 101.7 FM Saturday Mornings Hot Spot with Frank Gregory.  Deborah is a practicing Evidential Medium, Psychic and Mentor who has over 27 years’ experience reading for individuals professionally.

Deborah Finley will be delivering as many messages as possible from your loved ones and friends who have passed on during the time allotted to the attendees.  Deborah will start off with a guided meditation followed by Messages from loved ones and friends in Heaven, if time allows, she will close with questions from audience attendees.  Afterward she will stay for meet and greet.

Not everyone in attendance will receive a message. 

Tips for attending the event; please try to keep an open mind and try not to fixate on one person who you would like to hear from.  If you understand most of the information the Medium is saying, please raise your hand to speak up when the medium addresses you. 

Deborah Finley, is an Evidential Medium, and Mentor. Currently Deborah is Director of Education and owner of Dynamic Continuing Education, LLC Deborah offers continued education courses in Energy Healing Modalities, and various Certifying courses in Mediumistic, Psychic and Spiritual Development.  She also heads a Spiritual Development Circle where she mentors’ individuals who are dedicated and seriously want to develop their Psychic, Mediumship, & Spiritual Healing abilities in a supportive safe and non-judgmental environment with an experienced teacher.  Deborah can be heard frequently on WDEL 101.7FM Saturday Mornings Hot Spot with Frank   Gregory throughout the year.  Her background and credentialing in her field is extensive. Visit www.Angel-Energy.org for more information on Deborah’s background and Credentialing.

 All information is copied righted and belongs Center of Being-Integrated Energy Therapy and to Deborah Finley.  Material is provided to Parastudy for the purpose of promoting the offerings and is not to be copied or altered in any way for personal use.  

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