The earliest map of Aston dated 1870 shows the property as part of the farm of Joshua and James Williamson. The property is able to be tracked back to 1684 as part of a large grant made to Thomas Brassey. It changed hands in 1707 to the Robert Chamberlain family.

It is unknown who owned the property, which was still intact in 1870, when it is found on a map of Aston Township under the Williamson Brothers. The Williamson brothers were the sons of Thomas Williamson, who was a school director in Aston Township. In 1882, The Methodist Camp Meeting appears on the map as well. 

Previous research done indicated that in 1886, the property was deeded to John Wood. At some point, it is unclear when, the property came under ownership of Evaline Mattson. We know this because the Mattson/Hormann family were members of Concord Friends Meeting, where the historical record is meticulous.

Sometime in the 1800's the home as we see it today was built as a summer home for the Hormann family. The lovely, three story Victorian has eight bedrooms, on four acres and includes a well, a stream and a framed stable. The property was owned by the Hormanns, who lived there for some time, until 1920 when it was transferred to the Voit family. 

The Voigts owned the property until May 5,1960, when it was transferred to the spiritual advisor (more on her...keep reading!) and her husband. On the same day it was transferred to them, it was in turn transferred to Parastudy, Inc for $1.00. Parastudy as we now know it, has been in the location ever since.

To note, the "spiritual advisor" wished to remain anonymous to the general public, so though Parastudy's Board Members know who she is, we agreed not to publish her name at their request.

One evening in 1956, a spiritual advisor, whose interest is hypnosis had been sparked by the first appearence of The Bride Murphy Story in True Magazine attended a performance by the hypnotize the entire audience, something surprising happened. When the spiritual advisor returned to the conscious state, she found herself on the stage, and realized that she had been the star performer of the evening!

Shortly after the above incident, the spiritual advisor and her spouse learned of a doctor in Wilmington (Dr. Henry George, DO) who was interested in phenomena in hypnotic subjects. Dr. George later became an important part of Parastudy's early days. They were invited to attend some meetings at his home to which the spiritual advisor worked with Dr. George. After studying and working under Dr. George, the spiritual advisor started a small study group that eventually became known as "The Brookside Study Center". (It was located in Brookside, DE). 

The group soon discovered that they had something to give others who needed such information. They encountered well-known leaders and researchers in the PSI (Psychic, Parapsychological and Psyche) field, who gave them encouragement. The group's goal was "To help other's find out how much more there is to life and living than the things we see and hear and touch around us."

In 1957, the following declaration, entirely unsolicited, came through the spiritual advisor in the samadhi (trance) state: "JOIN THE WORKERS! Through their combined strength later progress was made. Ideas give birth to truths. It is not to be an individual aim. It must be a group. It must be for all. JOIN THE LEADERS. BE LEADERS AND MAKE LEADERS! What you seek will come to you and to everyone through you. A study group should be formed through us. There should be no more profitable or purpose way to use the minds which were given to us, then to encourage others to do the same."

And, so commenced the study group that eventually became PARASTUDY! "Para" relating to the studies, and meaning the subjects studies are unlimited. Parastudy was incorporated on November 10, 1959. In 1960, the building at 354 Valleybrook Rd, Chester Heights, PA was purchased. 

Parastudy is a totally volunteer, NON-PROFIT educational organization which offers the opportunity for open-minded individuals to share their inner thoughts and experiences without fear of ridicule. Because Parastudy's "mental doors" are kept open to all possible truths, members represent a variety of religions and backgrounds. Subjects are presented in group discussions and classes, and they serve to supplement, not interfere, with any beliefs held by individual members. 

The focus of Parastudy has turned to exploring the hidden aspects of life through the presentation of lectures, workshops, classes, open houses, as well as psychic fairs.

Schedule a tour and visit the library of books in fields related to interest in exploring the unknown or little-understood aspects of life. Become a memeber and have access to these books and check them on your next visit to Parastudy!