Pulling Your Self Back Together

Every Thursday, May 7, 2020  to June 11, 2020

at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

on Zoom

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with Geralyn St Joseph

For most of us this is a very trying time, a unique time in our collective history filled with fear and uncertainly.  We don't have much control over what is occurring in the  world right now, but we can use this time to heal, to grow, to evolve into our best self.  The quarantine, all that comes with it, is forcing us to be with ourselves more intimately than we have been given the opportunity to be in the past.  And because of this, we are discovering..... 

We are discovering long forgotten talents, dreams and desires.  We are discovering that there is more to life than Work, Sleep, Repeat.  Life will never be the same once this pandemic is over, because we won't be the same.  My hope for all of us is that we learn and grow through this time to become better stewards of Mother Earth and all her children, including ourselves.

Let's use this time to heal, to recreate ourselves, to find what we may have lost... 

Join me for this unique healing experience where we will endeavor to call in those pieces of ourselves that we may have lost along the way.

  • Begin with a full bodied Universal Light Cleansing & Protection to strengthen your Soul and begin the healing process.

  • Next, we come together to Call in our Soul pieces. This type of soul retrieval allows us to retrieve multiple soul fragments at one time.

  • And then, we work on our chakra systems – Deep cleaning our core chakras and activating our Galactic-Gaia system

To fully reclaim your energy and continue the healing process we unravel the energies that may hold you back. We release the illusion of lack and separation and choose a new path!
[don't worry if you miss a class, recordings and guidance is available]

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