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​There are two easy ways to become a Member. You can fill out the printable Parastudy Membership Form and drop it off on your next visit. Or you can use the PayPal Button below.

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Our Victorian Home

​​We are located in the beautiful and historic Brandywine Valley area of Delaware County. The Mansion serves as the heart and headquarters of our organization, which has been a resource center for the needs of the spiritual and paranormal communities for over half a century.

​Parastudy membership dues are nominal so that everyone interested may receive inspirational and informational help offered through our publications, library, activities, and other services. Although overhead costs are kept to a minimum, membership dues and income from other sources do not cover Parastudy’s expenses. The deficit is balanced by sharing contributions from members on a voluntary basis. Your sharing in any amount, regularly or when able to do so, is most gratefully received and carefully used. There are no paid employees at Parastudy; only volunteers.

Send your completed membership form with your check or money order to:

P.O. Box 201
354 Valleybrook Rd.
Chester Heights, Pa 19017


Resources at the Parastudy Mansion

​$20.00 -Single Person
$25.00 -Married Couple
$30.00 -Family (includes dependent children living at home)
$15.00 -Retired Person or Student (18 yrs. minimum – with valid ID)
$20.00 -Retired Couple 

Benefits of Membership...

Yearly Dues Are:

History: Our Beginnings

Parastudy was born in the mid 1950’s as The Brookside Study Center, In Brookside, Delaware. The group was formed to study the readings of a very gifted psychic named Zoe Nickerson.  She gave personal and gallery readings in what she termed“The Samadhi Consciousness” on many subjects. Her readings have been compared to those given by Edgar Cayce.

In 1959, Parastudy was officially named and formed as a non-profit Educational Organization. The name “Parastudy” was given to the organization during one of Zoe’s readings. The group moved to its present headquarters in Delaware County, PA and has been there ever since.

  • Discounts on classes and events (if you come to 3-4 classes, your membership pays for itself)
  • Priority notification/access to limited seating events that are quick to sell out
  • Access to "members only" events
  • Ability to borrow books from our library
  • Eligibility to join/vote in the board and help make (or decide who makes) key decisions for Parastudy

Become A Parastudy Member

Library and Store Hours are:

  • First Monday of the month, Psychic Night - 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

  • Every Third Saturday,  Psychic Saturday ​- 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Open House on Monday (see calendar) ​- 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Want to know more about items in the store? 

  • ​Start a conversation.

  • Ask a question.

  • Crystals and stones have multi-purposes.  There are stones for healing, energy, protection and more!  Melinda will teach classes on this subject here at Parastudy.  Look for classes to return in spring 2016.

  • Reiki Candles – are specific to the purpose you want to heal or mediate on.  Each candle has an intention and affirmation, as well as specific scent using essential oils.

  • Salt and Selenite Lamps – have a healing effect of calmness while purifying the air in your home or specific room.   At the same time you may be stuck by the lamination and light that these lamps put out.  

The Enlightenment Shop

Parastudy has a wonderful “Enlightenment Shop” where we pull a variety of spiritual items to enhance your spiritual journey.  We have a large variety of books, candles, crystal stones, healing crystals, pendulums, angels in all forms, handmade jewelry, natural remedies, tarot cards, salt and selenite lamps and much… much…. more. 

There are also new dressing candles for specific purposes to be sold and dressed while you wait.  Candles are used to carry your prayers to heaven.  Many mini-miracles have come about through the use of these candles. 


Borrowing privileges are strictly limited to members, but our facilities are available to all for browsing and research.  Two books may be borrowed for a one month period by filling out a library card in the back of the book; as well as your contact information in the library log for each book you borrow.  You will need to show your “Membership Card” in order to check out books. 

Contact Carolyn Galone at 610-789-0791 or call Parastudy at 610-459-2779 (leave message) to extend your book check-out due date and special research projects.

  • Renewal to keep the book longer may be done by phone and provide your name and title of the book.

  • Special arrangements can be made to use the library for research projects.​

Be sure to stop in anytime you are at Parastudy, and ask the “Librarian” about your favorite topic.  Our library collection is unique with books that are out of print, hard to find either by topic or author, which makes our library unique on any subject that you are interested in learning more about. 

Zoe Nickerson Library

Parastudy’s library is unique in the greater Philadelphia and Delaware County areas.  It contains several thousand books on various paranormal topics ranging from Astrology to Zen and also houses a wide variety of books on holistic and complementary medicine.  It has a unique and rare collection of occult books and “The Library Ladies” have worked diligently to get all books catalog and computerized using a decimal system.  As well as a card files system to locate books fast by subject.  Remember how libraries were designed back in the day; in the back of the book was a card to sign your name when checking out a book, that’s how our library is designed today.  NOTE:  Only MEMBERS of Parastudy can check books out of our library. 

Membership and Resources at Parastudy