Seance Saturday,

October 13, 2018 at 1pm

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as of 10/11/18

Seance on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 1pm
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This time of year surrounding Halloween and All Saints Day, and also during the Full Moon Cycle, spiritualists believe the spirit communication is at it's most open.   Receive messages from  Spirit through a séance conducted by several members of The Springfield Spiritualist Circle (organized by Michael Meehan and his husband Fred DiCostanzo) and one of Parastudy's favorite mediums, Melinda. 

What Should I Expect?

The event will begin with  an explanation of spiritualism and mediumship, followed by a cleansing ritual and an opening prayer to set the space.  A short meditation will allow participants to enter a receptive state, and the mediums to receive messages for attendees.  After allowing the mediums to receive messages for a few minutes, a  master of ceremonies  will introduce each medium one at a time.  The medium will then deliver individual messages to attendees.  When that medium has finished, another medium will do the same until all have had a chance to deliver their messages.   Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee what spirits will choose to show up and that all attendees may not receive messages.

Following the period after all messages have been delivered, we will end with a healing service and a closing prayer.

Individual mediums will be available afterward to talk with attendees and to answer any individual questions.

"...and remember that there is no death and that there are no dead."

This year's Seance will be led by The Springfield Spiritualist Development Circle and our very own Parastudy psychic Melinda.

The Springfield Spiritualist Development Circle has been active in Delaware County since 2014.  It is organized by Michael Meehan and his husband Fred DiCostanzo.  The circle meets out of their home in Springfield every other Thursday evening.  On any given night, they have about 10-15 individuals who meet to develop their mediumship abilities.  Blessed to have several accomplished mediums who attend regularly, they have also seen several of their members who attend regularly greatly develop their mediumship skills.

As a group, they are dedicated to developing mediumship abilities. Therefore, using traditional spiritualist practices such as that of a "development circle" to assist in doing so.  Most of what they do takes on the form of mental mediumship, but they have also experimented with physical mediumship on occasion.

While not affiliated with any national organization, they do believe in the tenets of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and the Spiritualist's National Union.  They have members of many different faiths in their community, and do not discriminate in any way based on one's political beliefs, spiritual practices, sexual orientation, gender and etc.


Séances are Message Circles

Parastudy Metaphysical/Spiritual Community

All registrations must be PRE-PAID by October 11, 2018 (while space remains).

Cost: $65 per person  (EVENT IS LIMITED TO 20 participants. )

PLEASE plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to get settled before the event begins. 

- NO LATE ARRIVALS will be admitted after meditation begins

Pre-pay online  using the form to the left,

(or in person at a Parastudy event) to reserve your space. 

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Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 1pm

Doors Open at 12:30 pm
Event begins promptly at 1 pm

NO LATE ARRIVALS will be admitted after meditation begins.