Class will be held on Sunday, November 11, 2018  from 9am-12:30pm...doors open at 8:30am.  

Investment:  Members $88/ Visitors $99  includes spiral bound booklet and audio CD  (value $44)

Retakes:  Anyone who has already taken this class, who would like to take the class again can bring your own book and come for a discounted price of $44 for  Parastudy Members/ Visitors $55.  This is the price for the class only,  you must  have taken this class with Susan at a previous date, AND bring your own book to attend.

Pre-registration required, so Susan can prepare enough materials for everone in class.
  Please pre-register by paying online or at the Parastudy Mansion.
  If you register by Friday, November 9 attendance is guaranteed.  After Friday, please call/text Susan DIRECTLY at 610-733-8233, she made a couple extra books..class begins at 9am.  Please bring cash or a check  payable to Parastudy. 

You MUST show your CURRENT PARASTUDY membership card in order to receive the "Member Price" for event, this is double checked with our records for online payments.  Being a member of our Meetup group does not mean you are a member of Parastudy.

Instructor:   Susan Hart, LMT has been a massage therapist, intuitive energy healer/coach, Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem Master, channel and teacher for over 21 years. She utilizes many tools in her practice including:  crystals, sound healing (drums, percussion and more), aromatherapy, and a line of products she created herself (Susan's Serenity Sprays) to support healing sessions and for clients to use at home to help shift energy. Prior to becoming a healer Susan worked as a preschool teacher and nanny.  Teaching energy classes to the big kids (sometimes called adults) helps her keep connected to her passion of empowering people through knowledge; she tries to make her classes fun and informative, conveying information in a way that's easy to understand, assimilate and incorporate.  Currently living in the Phoenixville, PA area, Susan offers in person bodywork healing sessions and distance energy and coaching sessions from her business Serenity Achieved.   At Parastudy, Susan hosts Decree Circles  (you'll learn about these in class) AND she hosts  drum circles, come out and play!

Spiritual  Self Care Class

What people are saying about Susan's Spiritual Hygiene Class...

"Susan's Spiritual Hygiene class is a "How To" manual for living in today's potent energetic world.  She provides invaluable tools to keep our own bodies clear, grid and align our environment and even what to do when we are slimed with outside influences.  This is an important class for the energetically aware that want to live consciously."   ~ Terri R  in Downingtown, PA.

"Susan Hart offers a tremendous amount of practical, useful knowledge to help us maintain balance during these transitional times.  The information presented during the Spiritual Hygiene workshop was well researched and provided participants with an in depth understanding of how to easily maintain good mental and spiritual health.  I've used the suggestions she provided in the resource booklet many times since the workshop.  I breathe easier every day knowing that I have these effective techniques at my fingertips."  ~ Carol F  in Media, PA

In this class you will learn a variety of easy to use techniques to:

  • Ground your energy (and stay grounded)
  • Clear your field and body
  • Create healthy energetic boundaries (a.k.a. protection)
  • Clear objects and spaces quickly with ease
  • and more...

Investment:  Members $88 / Visitors $99  Price includes a  spiral bound booklet and an audio CD to help you easily integrate the techniques into your daily life. 

Are you ready to learn how to go through life with more ease and less stress?

Would you like to be less affected by the energy of others? 

Do you work directly with people either as a healer or with customers? 

Do you feel TIRED at the end of your day?

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