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Tai Chi with Ramona

Calm the Mind, Relax the Body, Free the Spirit

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ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR:  As a child, Ramona Maiolino was fascinated by the stars. When she was five Ramona started reading and read some Greek and Roman mythology. Big discovery, … the stars had the names from mythology, helping her learn some Astronomy. Those two things led her to Astrology. At twelve, Ramona read a horoscope in the newspaper and was fascinated by how these went together. She has been studying it ever since, with many great teachers, as well as teaching at astrology conferences.  Around twenty-one, Ramona found Palmistry, which has Astrology in it. Again, another discovery. Soon, while studying these, she found Hand Writing Analysis, which is an amazing science, often used as a way to detect forgery, yet there's so much more to it. Moving to New York City at forty-one brought new opportunities. Ramona began studying with an Hawaiian shaman who insisted she read her cards. Ramona said "I don't know how to read cards" but she insisted and Ramona has been reading ever since.  Ramona has studied the subject deeply and is now  teaching the Tarot class at Parastudy.   Ramona's Maternal Grandmother and two maternal Great Aunts were card readers. Next at forty-two Tai Chi Chuan came into her life and transformed her so that now (at seventy-one) she is in better shape and has better health than when she started.  Ramona has been teaching Tai Chi and QiGong for 21 years, practicing for 29. While studying Tai Chi, she was also studying Homeopathy.  Ramona was certified in both in 1995. Then she studied Hypnosis.  As a Certified Hypnotherapist since 2001, she  has given many sessions, group and private, on Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Scholastic and Athletic Achievement, Past Life Regression, and much more. Please come join Ramona in the classes we offer to you here at ParaStudy.  She delights in teaching others and sharing  the WEALTH of information she knows!

Parastudy Metaphysical/Spiritual Community

Tai Chi Chuan is a defensive Martial Art which consists of slow, relaxed, gentle movements for physical, mental, and spiritual self-development,  practiced very slowly so as to gain balance, increase vitality, tone the body, stremgthen our core and our hearts, build our immune system, and innumerable other qualities which help us feel better and happier.

Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan are two of ancient China’s most respected systems of exercise and healing.  Chi Kung focuses on breathing and bodily alignment. These movements are used for defense, and work with the natural flow of the body.  Ten minutes of Chi Kung/Tai Chi  practice daily will lower stress and relax your mind and body.

This is an ongoing course which takes about 26 weeks to learn the “form” called Tai Chi.  Each class includes some QiGong (the basis from which Tai Chi derives).  Application of each “move” will be taught as well (as it is a Martial Art).  You will notice improvement within a few weeks, and you'll begin feeling better, gain that flexiblity that is so important to good health, and notice you have a better attitude.

Each class is one hour. You will need comfortable shoes and loose pants. You will receive handouts for classes to help with your practice.  An outline and DVD's  of the form are also available from Ramona at cost.

Ramona has been teaching this form (and many others) for 21 years and will give you personal instruction throughout the classes.  Ramona has devoted herself to this martial art, as it gave her a flexible body, better health, and peace of mind.  At 42 she began learning, and became a certified teacher who wants you to feel good too. Come discover the benefits of Tai Chi.  You'll be glad you did.  It's never too late to start.

 Pre-Register if possible by calling Ramona at the number above.  In the reading room there is enough space for a maximum of 10 people, pre-registering guarantees your space in class. 

Due to lack of attendance, this class has been taken off our calendar. 

SECOND and FOURTH Tuesdays from 7pm-8pm, doors open at 6:30pm

Please double check our calendar for dates, especially around the holidays and when the weather is bad.

Cost:  $15 for Parastudy Members/ $20 visitors

Pre-registration is STRONGLY suggested, as the space is limited to 10 participants...AND due to the distance Ramona travels, she will not come if noone has called to  tell her they will be in class.

Please pay online or call Ramona to register at 215-332-2776.  If there are no registrants, Ramona does not hold this class.