We are always looking for a variety of instructors who love to teach on their favorite topics and share their expertise.  If you would like to teach something, please contact Terri at 302-824-2616 to discuss your ideas.  You are welcome to attend a teacher meeting, but speak with someone first so you are prepared.  Suggested topics are listed below.  If you or anyone you know would like more information on teaching opportunities, please contact us at: Parastudy@parastudy.org  or call 610-459-2779 – please leave a message.

Do You Love to Teach?

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Parastudy Metaphysical/Spiritual Community

Topics of Known Interest to our members...

​Psychic Development

Psychic Protection

Reiki Healing

Reiki Share



Tarot Cards

...anything you're passionate

about that others might find

of interest. 



Handwriting Analysis


Holistic Health

Law of Attraction










Edgar Cayce History

Feng Shui


Know what you would like to teach?  Have a plan to teach that class already? 

  • YOUR FIRST STEP...download this class application/form
  • Then, please answer ALL the questions on the form AND email the form by FEBRUARY 24, 2020 via a Word document and/or copy & paste the information into the body of your email (addresses are on the form) so we have the text (that we can copy/paste) to use for the web site...and can get an idea of who would like to teach in the Spring.  Please also include any jpeg images you would like posted/printed on flyers with your class.  Questions about something in the form?   Please contact Terri directly at the email on the teacher application form or call 302-824-2616 (Terri will be posting your class on the Parastudy web site and on social media, as well as assisting you in creating a flyer if you don't already have one...and needs ALL information on the form filled out completely). 
  • Join our Meetup group and "like" both of our Facebook1 and Facebook2 pages, (xxxxxxxxxx.. details comig soon).  We use both Facebook and Meetup to promote our classes and other events, and you will be made the "host" of your class in case any questions arise, you will be able to answer those questions if you're a member/host of your meetup.  Let us know if we can tag you in Facebook events we create for your classes; these are easy to "share" online and "invite" people you feel would be interested in your class/event.
  • We also use a private/secret Facebook group to communicate with teachers. 
  • Become a member of Parastudy.  All our teachers must be members of Parastudy in order to teach a class here.  You canjoin online or fill out a form at Parastudy when you are there for one of our classes or events