Announcements: Upcoming events

​Saturday, October 17th - from 11 am to 5:00 pm.....  

​Psychic Fair - Our talented psychics are skilled in Tarot, Palm, Psychic and Past Life Readings. They can help you puzzle through your current life situation, or connect with a departed loved one.  Cost $40 for 20 minutes.

A Reiki Master will be available for restful, restorative energy sessions.   Cost $40 for 30 minutes.

The Enlightenment Shop will be open.  Have you seen our new "stone and crystal" collection or our "tarot card" collection?  Stop by, browse our assortment of metaphysical merchandise and enjoy some down time.  Start a conversation with like minded people.  We look forward to seeing you there!!!!!

History: Our Beginnings

Parastudy was born in the mid 1950’s as The Brookside Study Center, In Brookside, Delaware. The group was formed to study the readings of a very gifted psychic named Zoe Nickerson. She gave personal and gallery readings in what she termed“The Samadhi Consciousness” on many subjects. Her readings have been compared to those given by Edgar Cayce.

In 1959, Parastudy was officially named and formed as a non-profit Educational Organization. The name “Parastudy” was given to the organization during one of Zoe’s readings. The group moved to its present headquarters in Delaware County, PA and has been there ever since.

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Parastudy membership dues are nominal so that everyone interested may receive inspirational and informational help offered through our publications, library, activities, and other services. Although overhead costs are kept to a minimum, membership dues and income from other sources do not cover Parastudy’s expenses. The deficit is balanced by sharing contributions from members on a voluntary basis. Your sharing in any amount, regularly or when able to do so, is most gratefully received and carefully used. There are no paid employees at Parastudy; only volunteers.

Send your completed membership form with your check or money order to:

P.O. Box 201
354 Valleybrook Rd.
Chester Heights, Pa 19017

Yearly dues are:


  • $20.00 -Single Person

  • $25.00 -Married Couple

  • $30.00 -Family (includes dependent children living at home)

  • $15.00 -Retired Person or Student (18 yrs. minimum – with valid ID)

  • $20.00 -Retired Couple 

Become A Parastudy Member

There are two easy ways to become a Member. You can fill out the printable Parastudy Membership Form and drop it off on your next visit. Or you can use the PayPal Button below.

Click here  for the printable membership form. 

Here at Parastudy, we are a non-profit educational organization for solidarity and growth in enriching our spiritual awareness.


Our Victorian Home

We are located in the beautiful and historic Brandywine Valley area of Delaware County. The Mansion serves as the heart and headquarters of our organization, which has been a resource center for the needs of the spiritual and paranormal communities for half a century.