Parastudy Metaphysical/Spiritual Community

Parastudy is a non-profit organization where you can feel comfortable being your genuine self in a respectful, supportive community. Those who are on a "Spiritual Journey" will find classes, candid group discussions and community gatherings to satisfy their thirst for knowledge and enlightenment.

Our events held regularly include: guided meditation, drum circles, open houses (with speakers and open discussion), psychic fairs, community potluck dinners, and more. Other offerings include: gallery readings, feng shui, self hypnosis, dinner with the departed, ESP workshop, Dream interpretation, aura classes, chakra workshops, vision boards, past life regression, Reiki, spirituality and candles, astrology classes and other ever evolving topics in our unrestricted search to support self-improvement spiritually, mentally and physically.


Parastudy membership dues are nominal so that everyone interested may receive inspirational and informational help offered through our publications, library, activities, and other services. Although overhead costs are kept to a minimum, membership dues and income from other sources do not cover Parastudy’s expenses. The deficit is balanced by sharing contributions from members on a voluntary basis. Your sharing in any amount, regularly or when able to do so, is most gratefully received and carefully used. There are no paid employees at Parastudy; only volunteers.

Send your completed membership form with your check or money order to:

P.O. Box 201
354 Valleybrook Rd.
Chester Heights, Pa 19017

Yearly dues are:

  • $20.00 -Single Person

  • $25.00 -Married Couple

  • $30.00 -Family (includes dependent children living at home)

  • $15.00 -Retired Person or Student (18 yrs. minimum – with valid ID)

  • $20.00 -Retired Couple 

Become A Parastudy Member

There are two easy ways to become a Member. You can fill out the printable Parastudy Membership Form and drop it off on your next visit. Or you can use the PayPal Button below.

Click here  for the printable membership form. 

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Announcements: Upcoming events

  • ​​Pre-register online to reserve YOUR space in class!
  • Guided Meditation with Melinda ~ Wednesday, April 27 from 7-8pm
  • Spiritual Hygiene Class with Susan ~ SATURDAY, April 30 from 1:30pm-5pm ~ More info...
  • Potluck Dinner ~ Saturday, April 30 from 5:30-8:30pm...all are welcome, just bring a dish to share!
  • Crystals for Love and Abundance with Melinda ~ Sunday, May 1 from noon-1:30pm ~ More info...  
  • Psychic Night ~ Monday, May 2 from 7-9:30pm
  • Astrology Class with Ramona (6 week series) ~ begins Tuesday, May 3 from 7-8:30pm ~ More info...
  • E.S.P. Class with Carolyn ~ Thursday, May 5 from 7-8:30pm ~ More info... 
  • Guided Meditation with Melinda ~ Wednesday, May 11 from 7-8pm
  • Healing through the Divine Masculine with Ada ~ Thursday, May 12 from 7-8:30pm ~ More info...
  • Expression Paint Party!!! ~ Saturday, May 14 from 2:30-4:30pm ~ More info...
  • Drum Circle with Susan ~ Saturday, May 14 from 7-8:30pm
  • Open House ~ Monday, May 16 from 7-8:30pm
  • Psychic Fair ~ Saturday, May 21 from 11am-5pm
  • Meditation with Melinda ~ Wednesday, May 25 from 7-8pm
  • Colors of the Human Aura with Carolyn ~ Thursday, May 26 from 7-8:30pm ~ More info...

Visit the Calendar page and hover over an event for more details.  You can also find us on MeetUp...Parastudy Metaphystical/Spiritual Community.